191M GUM Dental Brush Slim & Sleek (Medium)


Recommended by Japan Dental Association, 191M GUM Dental Brush with super compact head size and tapered bristles thoroughly clean the plaque on teeth and between the gumline. Features antibacterial protected bristles to keep brush cleaner between uses.

Recommended for:

  • People with healthy gums
  • People who like to brush with medium hardness toothbrush
  • People who enjoy brushing teeth every day and would like to maintain healthy gums & teeth

Available in Thailand


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  1. Recommended by Japan Dental Association – Straight handle, Tapered bristles, and super compact head for effective removal of plaque
  2. Bristles coated with Chlorhexidine antibacterial agent for continuous bristles protection during the recommended life of the brush.
  3. Made in Japan
  4. Available in 4 colours
  • Tapered bristles and rough edges processing technology removes the plaque on teeth and between the gums thoroughly
  • Head size 30% slimmer as compared to normal toothbrush enable brushing easily to the back of the teeth