3200B GUM EasyThread Floss 50 Strand


Double-ended, threader sections are designed with the ideal stiffness to easily navigate around braces, bridges and implants without irritating the gums. Innovative, hygienic packaging reduces tangles and waste.

GUM EasyThread™ dental floss has stiff ‘threader’ sections at each end of a length of ‘puffy’ floss. The double-ended ‘threader’ sections have the ideal stiffness to easily navigate under braces and bridges to remove plaque.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

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In use, the floss expands to enable greater contact and cleaning in the spaces between surfaces of the appliance and the adjacent teeth and gums. On fitting your appliance or bridge, your dentist will have provided instructions for the additional and special care needed to maintain your oral health.

  1. GUM® EasyThread™ dental floss has been designed with those instructions in mind to help you comply with your dental professional’s advice and to keep your mouth clean and healthy while protecting your appliance and the teeth and tissues surrounding it.
  2. GUM® EasyThread™ dental floss is packed in an easy to use dispenser avoiding tangles and waste while storing the floss in a hygienic container.
  • RECOMMENDED BY DENTAL PROFESSIONALS – GUM® EASY THREAD™ dental floss is recommended for care of braces, implants, and bridges.
  • EASY TO THREAD – Stiff double-ended threader sections provide easy access to hard-to-clean spaces under braces, implants and bridges.
  • ENHANCED PLAQUE REMOVAL – Floss expands and puffs to increase cleaning surface and make more plaque removal possible.