475 G·U·M Micro Tip Toothbrush Sensitive Compact


There’s more to this toothbrush than meets the eye. The clever design is equipped with some special hidden features to help get your teeth and gums extra clean, extra gently.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

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The GUM® Micro Tip® toothbrush was developed in collaboration with dental professionals to create a complete brushing experience.

  1. First, the bristles have two distinctly different features using the latest manufacturing technologies:
    • “Micro-feathering” splits each bristle filament into two-to-seven very fine endings that create up to 70% more contact area that enables soft and very gentle cleaning over a broader area.
    • Regular-shaped tapered bristles are narrow at the tip to reach deeper below the gumline and in the hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth and have a textured surface to disrupt dental plaque and increase cleaning power.
  2. Second, the head of the brush combines a Dome Trim® design with an interdental-cut bristle trim for the inside rows to create a unique configuration that:
    • specifically enables the bristles to reach under the gumline at the 45-degree angle recommended and used by most dental professionals, and
    • aligns with the overall tooth contours enabling the longer bristles to reach into the interdental spaces while shorter bristles clean the curvature of each tooth.
  • MICRO-TIP FEATHERED BRISTLES – Feather-tipped bristles increase contact with the tooth and gums by up to 70%. More effective, soft and gentle cleaning with less pressure .
  • INCREASED CLEANING POWER – Tapered ends and textured surfaces reach plaque and clean it away.
  • DOME-TRIM DESIGN -Our patented Dome Trim® bristles profile (with a raised central row) has been clinically proven to provide superior plaque removal
  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubber thumb grip for enhanced comfort and manoeuvrability during brushing