GUM Orthodontic Wax Mint


Is your brace or retainer making your mouth sore or uncomfortable? If so, we have good news!

Recommended by dental professionals, GUM® Ortho Dental Wax prevents and relieves the pain and discomfort sometimes caused by orthodontic appliances.

Simply apply the pre-cut pieces to the wires or brackets that are irritating your mouth. The dental wax will act as a protective barrier, so you can get back to normal and get your smile back.

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  1. Protects cheeks, lips, and gums from sharp wires and brackets
  2. Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe irritation and provide calming protection
  3. Comes in easy-to-use pre-cut pieces
  4. Handy pocket mirror included to help you apply the dental wax
  5. Mint Flavored to provide a fresh and clean sensation
  6. Clear dental wax blends in with your teeth so it is not visible


Q: What is orthodontic dental wax?

GUM Ortho Wax is a clear wax used to protect the gums and inner linings of cheeks and lips, providing a comfortable barrier from the sharp ends of wires and pointed orthodontic appliances parts. 

Q: What is good about GUM Ortho Wax?

The wax covers sharp elements and provides relief from irritation and soreness, and thus helps you to settle in during the initial stage of the treatment. It also contains vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe the oral cavity, and the mint flavor provides a fresh and clean sensation. It can be used as a temporary relief for mouth sores until you get to your dentist.

Dental wax is easy to use. That makes dental wax an ideal braces care product for both kids and adults..

Q: Where can I get GUM Ortho Wax?

Your dentist will supply you with some wax when you first have your braces applied, as part of your dental care kit. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Buy Now’ button to find a list of stores near you.

Q: How do I remove GUM Ortho Wax?

You may use your fingers, a toothpick or interdental floss to remove the piece of wax. You may also find that the wax simply comes off over time. 

Q: How to apply GUM Ortho Wax?

First cleanse hands and brush teeth, make a small ball out of the wax and cover each of the problem areas. Remove before brushing and between-teeth cleaning. Reapply as needed