BUTLER Monsterz Fluoride Varnish


With a convenient tray-package design, our gluten-free, clear Fluoride varnish is easy to apply, has a smooth feeling on teeth and comes in kid-friendly Flavors, sweetened with xylitol: mint, cherry and strawberry. Containing 5% NaF, it fast-releases Fluoride and effectively delivers Fluoride uptake into demineralized enamel.

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  • Empowerment of young patients with choice
    • 3 fun flavors (cherry/mint/strawberry) allow young patients a choice to help create a more interactive and engaging chairside procedure
    • 45 units included per box (15 of each flavor)
  • Improved! Convenient tray package with applicator brush
  • Smooth and clear varnish – Blends with natural tooth color
  • Contains 5% sodium fluoride & sweetened with xylitol
  • Gluten-free
  • Your peers tried Butler® Monsterz Fluoride Varnish and liked it!
    • 89% of RDHs surveyed like its clear appearance
    • 89% of RDHs surveyed also like its quick and easy application
  • Fun Monsterz-themed box – Promotes interaction with young patients and creates a relaxed atmosphere by drawing their attention to fun characters and flavor options
  • Indications for use – For the treatment of dentinal sensitivity
  • MSDS (SDS) Sheet (PDF) click here
  • Butler Monsterz Sell Sheet (PDF) click here
  • Butler Monsterz Brochure (PDF) click here
  • Instructions For Use Sheet(IFU)- English/Spanish/French/Portuguese(PDF) click here