BUTLER Single Tuft


To really reach every part of your mouth and get your teeth and gums properly clean, sometimes you need more than a regular toothbrush.

With an extra small head, this brush is designed to cover every single corner of your mouth. It is perfect for cleaning around orthodontic bands (the tiny elastic bands used in some braces) and implants, and it can also be useful in the case of special maintenance concerns such as furcations, crowns, implants or distal of the last molar.

This toothbrush is recommended to be used in addition to your daily brushing routine and is not a substitute for your regular toothbrush.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

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  1. Extra small head designed to cover every single corner of the mouth
  2. Made from super durable and elastic PBT filaments.
  3. Neck is designed with a 10° tilt for greater ease of use.
  4. Designed to reach back molars and for brushing hard to read areas.
  • SMALL BRUSH HEAD – Small brush head addresses special maintenance concerns.
  • SMALL Cone-shaped bristles