GUM Advanced Soft Picks


GUM Advanced Soft Picks featured curved and stronger design to allow easy access even to the molar teeth. The soft rubbers gently yet clinically proven to remove plaque and dislodge food residues. In addition, it can be used to massage and stimulate gums for healthy & firm gums. Say goodbye to the old toothpicks and welcome the soft picks for healthier gums. Comes with a convenient carry-on case.

Recommended for:

  • People who like to use toothpicks to dislodge food particles
  • Beginner in interdental cleaning
  • People with weakened, receding gums.

Available in Thailand


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  1. Curved type to allow easy access to the molar teeth
  2. Made from safe soft rubber that can be used to massage & stimulate gums
  3. Tapered design so it can be used for different gap sizes in between the teeth
  4. 2 sizes to choose from SSS-S and SS-M
  5. 1 pack contains 30pcs and comes with convenient carrying case
  • Curved and stronger design to reach even the molar teeth easily, can be used to massage gums
  • Comes in convenient carrying case