GUM Kids Toothpaste for 2-6 years


4× protection for stronger teeth

A combination of Isomalt and 498ppm Fluoride helps Gum kids toothpaste to build stronger teeth & provides greater protection against tooth decay

Available in 2 yummy flavors: Grape & Strawberry

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand


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  1. 500ppm Fluoride + Isomalt provide 4X PROTECTION* for Stronger Teeth

Formulated with Fluoride to restore minerals in the enamel which are lost when acids produced by bacteria interact with the teeth, to keep your teeth strong and protected. Isomalt is also added to help reduce mineral loss due to this acid attack. With the combination of Fluoride and Isomalt, this toothpaste can provide 4X protection for stronger teeth as compared with normal fluoride toothpastes.


  1. Grape or Strawberry Flavour suitable for young children

With a Grape or Strawberry flavour which is well liked by younger children of ages 2 to 6 years, this toothpaste aim to make a tooth-brushing activity an enjoying activity for them.


  1. Made in Japan

This kids toothpaste is made in Japan with stringent quality control to provide superior quality.


*J. Dental Health 2001; 51:516-517


Q: What are the benefits of Sunstar GUM Toothpaste for 2-6 Years?

Our toothpaste contains a unique combination of isomalt and 498ppm fluoride which helps build stronger teeth and provides greater protection against tooth decay. (Fluoride helps to prevent cavities through remineralizing tooth enamel (outer surface), making it more resistant to acids that weaken the enamel. Also, isomalt enhances remineralization of teeth up to 4x compared to normal fluoride toothpaste for greater protection against tooth decay)

Q: At what age can my child start using Sunstar GUM Toothpaste?

Kids from 2 years and above can use kid’s toothpaste. Young children should be supervised while brushing and taught to spit out, rather than swallow the toothpaste.

Q: In which flavors does a Sunstar GUM Toothpaste come?

Our toothpaste comes in two flavors – Grape and Strawberry.