GUM Kids Toothpaste for 7-12 years


4× protection for stronger teeth.

A combination of Isomalt and 950ppm Fluoride helps GUM kids toothpaste to build stronger teeth & provides greater protection against tooth decay.

With Soft-Mint Flavor as transition flavour before they use adult’s strong mint toothpaste.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand


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  1. Fluoride + Isomalt provide 4X PROTECTION* for Stronger Teeth

Formulated with Fluoride to restore minerals in the enamel which are lost when acids produced by bacteria interact with the teeth, to keep your teeth strong and protected. Isomalt is also added to help reduce mineral loss due to this acid attack. With the combination of Fluoride and Isomalt, this kids toothpaste can provide 4X protection for stronger teeth as compared with normal fluoride toothpastes.


  1. Soft Mint Flavour as transition flavour

Soft-Mint is a less bitter, less sweet and slightly minty flavour which is intended for the older children of ages 7 to 12 years as a transition flavour before they use adult’s strong mint toothpaste.


    1. Made in Japan

    This kids toothpaste is made in Japan with stringent quality control to provide superior quality.


    *J. Dental Health 2001; 51:516-517