2030 GUM Expanding Floss 40m


GUM® Expanding dental floss is designed and manufactured to help you remove plaque from the hard-to-reach areas between teeth which have larger gaps, while also cleaning effectively in more regular spaces between the teeth. In use, the floss expands forming a larger diameter string that contacts more surface area around the gaps. Large gaps often occur due to gum recession and papilla loss, both consequences of periodontitis.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

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GUM® Expanding dental floss is lightly lubricated with wax for easy handling and insertion between the teeth, and expands during use to clean the tooth surfaces adjacent to the wider gaps more effectively. The floss has a texturized nylon construction that is more gentle on the gums due to its wider diameter than regular fine floss. This is a specialized product to help make between-teeth cleaning easier and more effective for people with irregular or large gaps between their teeth or those who find fine floss too narrow.

Clean between the teeth with GUM® dental floss or an interdental brush at least once per day to remove dental plaque from areas not reached by toothbrushing alone and where tooth decay and gum disease often occur!

  • Thin and easy to insert between teeth
  • PREMIUM Cleaning – Expands significantly for more effective cleaning
  • Gentle and Effective – Texturized nylon fibers are gentle on inflamed or sensitive gums and clean plaque away
  • Ideal for people with sensitive gums and teeth
  • Also Available in package of 4 YD Travel Tub.