I have dentures or removable partials.

Removable, complete, or partial dentures require proper care to keep them clean and free from odors and to maintain the health of your mouth. With partial dentures, it is critically important to take good care of your remaining natural teeth. Having dentures in your mouth allows dental plaque bacteria to grow underneath the dentures and between any teeth or gum tissue with which the dentures come into contact.


First, follow any advice that your dentist, prosthodontist, or dental hygienist provided. Their advice will be individualized for you. These tips below are generalizable to all denture wearers but should not replace the advice from your dental professional.

Here are some commonly accepted recommendations for denture cleaning and care:

  1. Remove and rinse dentures after eating to remove food debris and stale saliva.

  2. While the denture is out for rinsing, rinse your mouth to remove any food debris remaining so it will not get trapped under the denture when replaced.

  3. Brush the dentures thoroughly at least once a day with a specially designed denture brush. Remove any adhesive if used. Pay particular attention to the rougher fitting surface and in the nooks and crannies where the artificial teeth join the pink acrylic denture base and the inside or fitting surfaces of any metal claps.

  4. Remove dentures and soak overnight in a denture cleanser. This gives the tissues of your mouth time to rest. If you wish to wear your dentures overnight, consult your dentist.

  5. Don’t forget to schedule regular dental check-ups. If you have no teeth, even if your dentures fit well and seem to cause no problems, it is still important to have an oral cancer screening examination once per year, and if you do have some natural teeth, it is important for the dentist to check that the dentures are not harming them in any way.

    Figure: Dentures should be cleaned by brushing and then soaking.