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I am seeking advice about caring for my own and my family’s oral health.

Welcome to Solution Finder and congratulations – you want to improve your oral health or the oral health of someone you care about!

Oral health is an essential component of general health. You cannot be in good health if you suffer from dental pain and disease. Medical and dental scientists are reporting new evidence on a regular basis that links many serious general health conditions, such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and complications of pregnancy with oral conditions, especially gum disease. There is still much to be understood about these links, so if you have been diagnosed or told that you are at increased risk of developing one of these conditions ask your dentist or physician for the latest information.

Whether you are here to simply find preliminary information before seeking professional advice, or you are here because your dentist or dental hygienist recommended you to visit, you will find authoritative information on a wide range of oral health issues. Topics covered range from the more common, gum diseases and sensitivity, to the not-so-common, such as recovering from oral surgery and caring for the oral health needs of an older adult.

The keys to quality oral health include good oral hygiene, performed with the best available toothbrushes and interdental cleaners, using the techniques advised by your dental team through routine dental check-ups. These should be at regular intervals and your dental professional will advise you how often to schedule check-ups based on your own risk of disease. Infants should start these regular visits by their first birthday. Lifelong care of the mouth, which starts in infancy, will help keep dental problems at bay later on in life.

REMEMBER: Good oral health is a collaborative effort between you, your dentist and dental hygienist.