650 GUM Soft Picks Advanced


It’s vital to clean between your teeth every day, as plaque and food particles can easily accumulate in these tight and difficult-to-reach spaces. As experts in interdental cleaning, we have developed an innovative new solution to make it simpler to get the results you want.

GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced is our most convenient between-teeth cleaning tool. Gentle and easy-to-use, these disposable brushes feature super-soft rubber bristles and offer enhanced, complete interdental cleaning.

Thanks to their modern curved design, they can easily reach the whole mouth, including difficult-to-access areas such as the back teeth.

These brushes are an ideal starting point for between-teeth cleaning, and a great choice if you have particularly small interdental spaces, bridges, an orthodontic appliance, or fragile gums.

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia

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  1. Soft, flexible rubber bristles slide comfortably between teeth to safely remove plaque and food particles
  2. Adapt to both smaller and larger interdental spaces
  3. Gentle and safe for sensitive gums
  4. Durable and comfortable
  5. Gently stimulate and micro-massage gums for a pleasant sensation and optimal gum health
  6. Latex, wood, and metal free
  7. Convenient travel case included


GUM® Soft-Picks® Advanced have flexible, comfortable bristles to gently remove plaque, dislodge food and massage gums.  The flexible synthetic rubber bristles fit easily between most teeth, removing dental plaque where gum disease often starts and toothbrushes alone cannot reach. The curved design of Soft-Picks Advanced allows the picks to easily reach any area of the mouth, including difficult to reach back teeth for a whole mouth clean!

The longer handle gives an improved grip for comfort and effective control while cleaning. Additionally, the tapered tip makes it ideal for cleaning between both smaller and wider spaces. Soft-Picks ® Advanced are also easy to use with orthodontics, implants and bridges.