GUM Kids Toothbrush #87 for 7-12 years


SOFT but EFFECTIVE to remove plaque.

Co-developed with Japan Dental Hygienist, the GUM kids toothbrush features soft bristles specifically designed for effective plaque removal especially in children with growing permanents teeth.

Slightly larger head size and longer handle for 7-12 years old

Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand


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Choosing the right GUM toothbrush for your child depends on a few factors. Comfort is key, so you should choose the right-sized toothbrush for your child to brush his/her teeth. As a general guide, choose toothbrushes with small heads for 3-6 year old’s and slightly bigger heads for 7-12 year old’s. In addition, choose a kids toothbrush of a length that is easy to handle and with soft bristles so that it does not hurt the gums.

  1. Wide handle & Compact head

Wide handle provides stable and easy brushing, while compact head allows easy movement inside children’s mouth

  1. Soft bristles

Soft bristles designed for effective removal of plaque but gentle for the gums